Q: How many URL and keywords allowed?

A: You can have unlimited urls and keywords. However, we would recommend to focus only on two or three keywords for the best results. For new site with little or no backlinks at all, you can use the diversity option so we can build Penguin friendly anchor text ratio.

Q: How long post will stay in the homepage?

A: Your post will remain on the sites homepage for about a week or two and then will roll off to inner page.

Q: Do you provide reports?

A: Yes, partial report will be provided to protect the network (around 33% of the links will be provided)

Q: Are there any sites that you don’t accept?

A: We don’t accept gambling, pharmacy, warez and adult sites.

Q: Do you accept foreign websites/keywords?

A: Yes we do

Q: Refund Policy?

A: Once links has been placed on our network there will be NO REFUND

Q: Where can I get support?

A: Support will be handled via: support@seogalore.com

Q: What is the source of the articles?

A: We will use high quality hybrid spun content (highly readable and unique) of 350 to 500 words for each blog post. This will be perfect for TIER 1 links.

Q: What is your de-indexing guarantee?

A: There will be 15 days replacement policy after order is completed for problem such as de-indexing and PR drop (which very rarely happen)